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We secure futures

& optimize operations.

We are a cybersecurity consulting firm dedicated to helping IT security teams reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Overwhelmed Security Teams



IT Security and SOC respondents say that their emotional wellbeing and home life is affected by the number of security alerts they receive.


Our Services

IT Security Advisory

Managed Security Services

Workplace Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions


The Support Your IT Team Deserves

Less Stress 

Our support helps IT teams streamline processes, automate tasks, and prioritize alerts, promoting work-life balance and improved efficiency.

Greater ROI

We collaborate with a vast network of IT and security professionals to optimize tool configurations and utilization, maximizing ROI and enhancing overall performance.

Confidence in Security Tools

We assess security tools, provide recommendations and ensure optimal configuration to boost IT teams' confidence in their protection.

Solving Staffing Challenges

Our staff augmentation services provide skilled professionals to support IT teams, ensuring a strong cybersecurity posture despite staffing constraints.

The Journey to a More Secure Future

A Seamless Experience

Working with Dominion Security Partners is an effortless experience, no matter the size of your organization, our process is designed to enhance your organization's security. Our three-step approach focuses on understanding your environment, scoping and assessment, and implementation and support, ensuring a successful partnership.

1. Understanding Your Environment
In this initial phase, we take the time to discuss and analyze your organization's security posture, technology suite, and unique challenges. It is imperative for us to understand your environment to tailor solutions specifically for you. 

2. Scoping and Assessment

Next, we collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the steps needed to improve your security. We'll provide a clear and detailed assessment, ensuring that all project objectives and deliverables are well-defined.

3. Implementation and Support

When we've decided on a course of action we will serve as a partner through every step of the process. We'll work closely with your IT team, helping throughout the entire project, ultimately creating a more secure environment for your organization.

But don't just take our word for it . . . 

National Law Firm

Director of IT and Risk Management

“DSP's professional services have been instrumental in the success of my security program."

Fortune 300 Global Insurance


Director of Risk Management

"DSP has continued to provide me with great education, best-in-class consultation, and support.
Their understanding of the solutions on the market and best practices have saved my team hundreds of hours."

Fortune 100 Financial



"The consultants at DSP have been incredible to work with.
They always provide state-of-the-art solutions, evaluations & support for my security program."
About Us

Embrace Your Vision as an IT Leader

At Dominion Security Partners, we understand that IT leaders and organizations aspire to achieve a secure and efficient digital environment, enabling them to focus on driving innovation and growth. They want a trusted partner who can help them navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape while optimizing their operations.

Overcoming the Challenges

The challenges faced by modern IT leaders are vast, ranging from skilled threat adversaries and workforce shortages to the lack of return on investment from their existing security tools. These issues can hinder their progress and prevent them from becoming the proactive, security-focused leaders they envision themselves to be.


Your Trusted Guide

We position ourselves as the guide to help IT leaders and organizations overcome these obstacles, offering expertise, support, and comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our core competencies include Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services, modern security solutions, identity access management, managed XDR, SOC, SIEM, and risk assessment, among others.

Our Three-Step Process

Our approach to assisting clients is centered around three key principles: integration, operationalization, and documentation. We ensure that our proposed solutions are integrated with the client's business and systems, set up operationally within their organization, and thoroughly documented for future reference.​

Take the First Step

We invite IT leaders and organizations to take the first step in addressing their cybersecurity challenges by reaching out to us for an initial consultation. Together, we can discuss their specific needs, goals, and concerns and begin crafting a customized plan to enhance their security posture.

A Bright Future Awaits

By partnering with Dominion Security Partners, our clients can look forward to a future where their digital environments are secure, their operations are optimized, and they can confidently focus on driving business growth. With our guidance and support, IT leaders will be empowered to become proactive and forward-thinking in their approach to cybersecurity, fostering an organizational culture that values digital security and resilience.


Act Now

Don't hesitate to take action and embark on a journey to a more secure and efficient digital landscape with Dominion Security Partners as your trusted ally.


Schedule a Consultation

Someone from our team will reach out shortly!

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